Meet The Founder of the World’s First Sustainable Sushi Restaurant

Posted on Oct 15, 2012 by josh

Chefs have been at the forefront of the sustainable seafood movement for many years. One chef in particular who is building on that foundation in continually innovative ways is Bun Lai, founder and owner of Miya’s in New Haven, CT – the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant.

Bun is also the creator of the now ubiquitous sweet potato roll available in seemingly every sushi restaurant. So naturally it follows that Miya’s also features a wide-ranging vegetarian sushi menu.

Bun Lai’s sourcing methods also set him apart. He supplies his restaurant with sustainable seafood from his own hundred acre shell-fishing grounds off of the Thimble Islands in Connecticut. He also owns two fishing boats that serve as laboratories for sustainable seafood harvesting. So when invasive species arrived and threatened the natives, Bun Lai’s reaction was to get them out of the ocean and onto the menu.

Well-known in the seafood industry, Bun Lai is a sought-after speaker who has been recognized for his efforts as a leading eco-chef.  He’s also been featured on Food Network and in leading publications like Food and Wine, Saveur, Prevention, and The New York Times. We’re proud to count Bun Lai as a friend and supporter of Australis. 

To that end, should you be looking for a sustainable restaurant the next time you are in New Haven, we couldn't recommend Miya's with more enthusiasm. It is chefs like Bun and eateries like Miya's that are helping to innovate and create new ways of defining sustainable seafood.


Josh -- The Better Fish Guy

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