Barramundi: The Sustainable Seabass™

Barramundi is Australia’s favorite fish and is known throughout many parts of the world as Asian Sea Bass.  We call it ‘The Sustainable Seabass™’ because it has the same sweet, flavor and meaty texture as other Seabass, yet its unique eco-friendly profile makes it unlike any other fish available today.

Barramundi  has been called "the perfect fish for a changing world," others describe  it as "lean & green" and even a "Top Superfood".  

Your New Favorite Fish

Barramundi has a mild buttery flavor and a dense meaty texture (think snapper crossed with halibut). It’s not a ‘fishy fish’ so folks that prefer mild tasting seafood love it. It’s a great alternative to everyday fish like cod, salmon and tilapia.







Easy To Cook

Don’t let the exotic name fool you – barramundi is a snap to cook.  Bake it with some bread crumbs, sauté with a little lemon butter, or marinate it with some olive oil, herbs and fresh squeezed lemon and toss it on the grill. Try one of our recipes and you can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal in minutes. The best part? Since barramundi is not a ‘fishy fish’ it won’t leave an odor in your kitchen (plus there are no annoying little bones to worry about).

Loaded With Health Benefits

Clean Harvest Barramundi has omega-3 levels that rival to wild Coho Salmon, which is unheard of for a mild white fish! With just 137 calories and only 2.5 grams of 'good fat' per portion, it has half the calories of salmon and is ideal for anyone looking to make healthy food choices. Plus, we never use antibiotics or hormones, and our specially formulated feed ensures that  every bite is free of mercury, PCBs and other bad stuff. Learn more about barramundi’s great health benefits here.

Smart Aquaculture™ For A Healthy Planet

At Australis, we’re raising barramundi with an eye towards the future.  Our innovative farms employ smart aquaculture™ practices that have been recognized by all of the major seafood guides and earned us the coveted ‘Seafood Champion Award’.

Watch the video below to learn more about what makes our barramundi sustainable and why it's truly the Better Fish.  We hope you'll join us in shaping a more sustainable future.