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Clean Harvest Barramundi portions are delicious, moist and versatile. Each hand-cut portion is flash frozen within hours of harvest, locking in its natural freshness and flavor.  


Clean Harvest Barramundi is moist, delicious and versatile. Naturally raised off shore in pure seawater, each hand-cut fillet is flash frozen within hours of harvest. They are individually vacuum packed to lock in their freshness and flavor. Enjoy with any of your favorite recipes or try one of ours.   



Clean Harvest Tuscan Herb is a rustic panko encrused barramundi loaded with parmesan, herbs and spices. Portions are individually wrapped and can be cooked from a frozen state and ready to serve in just 20 minutes. Naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol, it’s perfect for anyone looking for healthy ways to enjoy more seafood at home.



Clean Harvest Lemon Herb Butter Barramundi is delicately seasoned with zesty lemon, garlic, basil and oregano. Our seasoned fillets are individually wrapped and flash frozen within hours of harvest, guaranteeing you a fresh, healthy, restaurant-quality entree every time. 


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Whether fresh or frozen, the quality of Clean Harvest Barramundi is consistently top notch. Available skin-on or skin-off as either fillets or controlled weight portions, Clean Harvest Barramundi is available year-round to meet the expectations of even the most demanding chefs.